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We have recently seen an increase in the popularity of freestanding garden structures for use as additional living space or as home offices.  

In most cases, standard or prefabricated buildings will suffice, but sometimes bespoke solutions are needed to overcome site constraints.

This where our expertise in tailored solutions and navigating the complex planning maze comes in.

Using us to design a freestanding garden room or garage brings numerous benefits and ensures a well-executed and harmonious addition to your outdoor space. Here are several reasons why working with us is advantageous for designing ancillary buildings:

  1. Customized Design:
    We have the expertise to create a tailored design that fits your specific needs, preferences, and site conditions. We can incorporate your desired functionalities, such as a home office, studio, gym, or relaxation space, and integrate them seamlessly into the design. With us, you can achieve a unique and personalized space that perfectly suits your requirements.
  2. Maximizing Space and Views:
    We excel at space planning and can optimize the layout of your garden room to make the most of the available space. We consider factors such as natural light, views, ventilation, and privacy, ensuring that the design takes advantage of the surrounding landscape and enhances the overall experience of the garden. We can create a design that maximizes the connection between the interior and exterior, blurring the boundaries and creating a sense of harmony with nature.
  3. Structural Integrity and Building Regulations:
    Building a freestanding garden room requires attention to structural integrity, especially if it serves as a standalone structure or is located close to property boundaries. We possess the knowledge and expertise to design a structurally sound and long-lasting garden room.
  4. Value Enhancement:
    A well-designed garden room adds value and flexibility to your property. We can create a unique and functional space that enhances the overall appeal and desirability of your home and outdoor areas. Our expertise in designing spaces that balance aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability ensures that the garden room becomes a valuable asset that enhances your quality of life and property value.

In conclusion, involving us in the design of your garden room offers numerous advantages. Customized design to match your home, optimization of space and views, integration with the existing property, adherence to regulations, material selection, project management, and value enhancement ensure any ancillary building meets your needs and becomes a beautiful and valuable addition to your outdoor space.

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