Building an orangery or altering an existing conservatory can provide all year round comfort and additional space for your home.

By balancing the amount and placement of glazing we can comply with demanding energy efficiency regulations as well as resolving your aesthetic ambitions.

We ensure a harmonious blend of architectural style, functionality, and natural light. With our expertise, we can create a bespoke orangery or airy garden room that seamlessly integrates with your home, maximizes space, and enhances your living experience.

Choosing to build an orangery or alter a conservatory to have less glazing depends on your specific needs and preferences. Here are a few reasons why you might consider having an orangery:

  1. Enhanced Thermal Efficiency:
    Orangeries typically have more solid walls and a higher percentage of glazing compared to conservatories. This design allows for better insulation and improved thermal efficiency, making the orangery a comfortable space throughout the year.
  2. Increased Privacy:
    The solid walls of an orangery offer more privacy compared to the largely transparent structure of a conservatory.
  3. Architectural Aesthetics:
    Orangeries often have a more substantial and integrated appearance, blending seamlessly with the existing architecture of your home.
  4. Versatile Usage:
    Orangeries are known for their versatility. They can serve as a multi-purpose space, accommodating various activities such as dining, relaxation, home office, or even a playroom.
  5. Natural Light Control:
    While both orangeries and conservatories offer ample natural light, the solid roof and partially solid walls of an orangery allow for better light control. The strategic placement of smaller rooflights or lanterns can improve comfort without compromising on daylight.
  6. Integration with the Outdoors:
    Orangeries often feature large doors or folding/sliding systems that allow for a seamless connection between the indoor and outdoor spaces. This integration can create a smooth transition and a sense of unity with your garden or patio area and cohesiveness between them.

Ultimately, the final design will depend on your specific requirements, architectural style, and personal preferences. Consulting with us can help you determine the best option that aligns with your lifestyle and enhances the overall value and enjoyment of your home.

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