Multi-generational living is becoming more common and presents its own set of demands in achieving this. As well as semi-independent living for family members we are seeing an increase in clients requesting additional space for guests or rental.

Balancing privacy and independence are typical concerns, as is simply finding enough space to accommodate a mini-dwelling.

We have successfully and discretely integrated a number of independent and connected dwellings into our projects.

Using us to design an annexe brings several significant advantages and ensures a well-planned and thoughtfully designed space. Here are several reasons why our involvement is beneficial for designing an annexe:

  1. Functional Design:
    We optimise space and understand how to create functional layouts in what can be tight spaces. We assess your specific needs and requirements for the annexe and design a layout that maximises efficiency and usability. We can help you make the most of the available space and create a design that suits your lifestyle and preferences.
  2. Integration with Existing Structures:
    We ensure that the annexe integrates seamlessly with the existing property. We consider the architectural style, materials, and design language of your main building and create a cohesive design for the annexe. By blending the annexe with the existing structure, we can enhance the overall aesthetics and ensure a harmonious appearance.
  3. Compliance with Regulations:
    Building an annexe often involves obtaining permits and complying with planning and building regulations. We ensure that the design meets safety standards and any other relevant regulations, saving you time and potential legal issues.
  4. Creative and Innovative Design Solutions:
    We bring creativity and innovation to the design process and offer unique design ideas and solutions that you may not have considered. Our fresh perspective and expertise can result in a more imaginative and exciting design that goes beyond your initial expectations.
  5. Value Enhancement:
    A well-designed and professionally executed annexe can significantly enhance the value of your property. We can help you create an annexe that not only fulfils your immediate needs but also adds value in terms of functionality, aesthetics, and potential resale value. Our expertise in creating attractive and well-designed spaces can contribute to the overall desirability and market appeal of your property.

In summary, collaborating with us for your annexe ensures a functional, integrated, and well-crafted space. Our expertise in space planning, compliance with regulations, creative design solutions, sustainable design, and commitment to quality can result in an annexe that meets your specific requirements while enhancing the value and enjoyment of your property.

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