Kensington Court, London

The work undertaken to this large mansion block flat is typical of our approach to dealing with leasehold properties and their approvals.

The plan reflected an outdated era with individual reception rooms, small bathroom and the kitchen located in a far corner separate from the living space. We had to overcome a reluctant freeholder to gain approval for structural alterations that were required to add value to this property.

This apartment was purchased by our client as a refurbishment project for sale. Although relatively large, the layout was extremely inefficient and comprised only two bedrooms. The long corridor took up a significant proportion of the footprint while the two bedrooms were much larger than they needed to be. One extremely small bathroom off of the kitchen was clearly insufficient for a luxury apartment in a prime location.

Working in conjunction with our structural engineer and negotiating with a demanding freeholder (who lived immediately upstairs) we were able to incorporate the large circulation areas into the living spaces and create a contemporary open-plan layout.

Our design required close attention to the distribution of services and new drainage to service the new bathrooms. The revised fire strategy was an important factor in incorporating the corridor space and had to be agreed with building control. In addition to these technical requirements, we had to create an attractive and functional layout out of a challenging existing layout.

By diligently applying our extensive experience in adapting existing layouts we were able to produce a stunning apartment which blended seamlessly with the high-quality finishes selected by the interior design team. Professionalism and collaborative working are the skills we apply to all of our projects and succeed even when neighbours are highly motivated to stop the project.

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