High Street, Marlborough

The work undertaken to this early twentieth century home is typical of our approach to dealing with heritage assets in conservation areas.

This home was in an excellent location but very small and in need of extending to rebalance the living space and make it suitable for modern living. The conservation area policies and quirks of permitted development rights proved to be an obstacle to anything except a very small extension. A persistent and professional approach resulted in a large family room being approved.

We undertook this kitchen and family room extension within the Marlborough Conservation Area as a family home for a regular client. Having already completed three development projects and the refurbishment of a listed building for use as a holiday home rental, our client provided us with one of the most challenging planning approvals we’ve undertaken.

Our client purchased the property despite an unfavourable response to the previous owner’s plans to extend it. The property was in an ideal central location but was a compact three-bedroom with quite small living areas. While it had potential the planning constraints were unfavourable and the usual permitted development rights not available. Since the entrance was in the only garden the house lacked any rear even though the garden faced away from the highway.

The planners considered the arched entrance as a non-designated heritage asset despite the building being only a hundred years old and unlisted. This was enough to restrict any extension to a small utility room.

Using our expertise and experience in planning we gradually overcame the obstacles to providing a larger extension. This required a persistent strategy whereby we overcame the obstacles with successive applications. The entrance was relocated directly off the lane and the garden fully enclosed and made private. Eventually, we secured consent for a substantial extension with a vaulted ceiling.

This provided the large living space the house lacked and transformed it from a small family house to a large home suitable for entertaining with separate living spaces for multi-generation living.

Our flexible approach to design ensured we never lose sight of what’s important to our clients. In this case, it was overcoming issues that exist in the grey areas of planning policy where decisions can go either way. This added a huge amount of value to the project and created a blank canvas within which our client completed their own interiors.

– Photographs courtesy of Peagreen Locations www.peagreenlocations.com
– Photographs by Rachel Whiting

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