Location Focus on Teg Down, Weeke and Bereweeke

Author: Mark Benzie

For many people, Teg Down is an excellent choice of home. While mostly made up of post-war 1960’s and 70’s housing there are older properties along Hampton Lane and Dean Lane with easy access to the countryside.

In terms of location, Teg Down and Weeke are close to schools, shops and other local amenities and just over a mile from the station.

Some of the completed projects we’ve undertaken include extensions and refurbishments of semi-detached and detached homes and can attest to the flexibility that these homes offer. We have extensive experience of working on post-war housing and creating stunning and practical homes. On Old Hillside Road we completed the extension and refurbishment of a traditional bungalow and created a large extension under a matching roof.

In Bereweeke the housing ranges from the older properties along Bereweeke Road and Avenue to more modern housing around it. We’ve completed extensions and refurbishments on Bereweeke Close, Bereweeke Avenue, Lyford Avenue as well as modern homes such as our extension on Greenacres.

Just beyond Waitrose we completed the extension and refurbishment of a detached home on a generous plot. What started as a relatively compact three bedroom home, previous alterations were incorporated into our large extension to make the most of this generous plot.

With such a broad range of housing our extensive experience across all house types will prove useful wherever you choose to live in these areas.

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