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Tall Tales


This property was in need of complete refurbishment when bought by its new owners. The budget was tight, the house was large and needed a lot of work just to get habitable.


We relocated the staircase throughout the entire house to free up space and allow the layouts to work as the client intended. The open kitchen and dining area connected to a large living area in the basement by a new spiral stair in the old stairwell. On the first floor the existing rear bedroom was retained and connected to the reconfigured front half of the house. By making use of the abundant space we created an open plan dressing area and bathroom at very little cost. A walk in shower and separate loo provide a luxury ‘boutique hotel’ feel that comes, not from expensive fittings, but from using the space well.


Always on the lookout to turn an expense into an opportunity, we carefully designed the staircase upward to follow the roof slope to maximise space in the attic. What was once little more than a stair enclosure and some storage became an additional bedroom and an unexpected bonus for the owners. The remaining single bedroom was reconfigured to be a double room.


The transformation in this house was truly remarkable. Four separate rooms on the bottom two floors now interconnect to provide space for living, entertaining and play. A large master suite is at the heart of the house with three further guest and childrens bedrooms above. The majority of the budget would have been needed just to make it habitable. The structural alterations strengthened the building, provided new floors throughout and enabled us to rearrange space for modern living. This added real value and made the most out of the purchase and refurbishment costs which were significantly more.